introducing vri
introducing vri
Video Remote Interpreting is a great interpreting solution for situations where having an on-site interpreter may not be feasible, such as short meetings or last-minute requests. Learn more about how VRI can benefit your organization here.
Quality Matters
CSD Interpreting is one of the largest community interpreting services in the United States, and our service is made possible by our amazing interpreters. Just like you, our interpreters believe that Quality Matters every single time we interpret. Click to learn more.
Working Together
We are always working to make sure the quality of our service is at its best. Team Interpreting is one way we make sure we're delivering a top experience for our clients, but it is also a means for our interpreters to provide support to one another.
We believe in using only qualified interpreters, and so should you.
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I live in rural Joshua Tree, CA in the high desert northeast of Palm Springs, and I'm so grateful to be able to have the job opportunities with CSD. Having once been a metropolitan interpreter, I didn't know where my jobs were going to come from once I moved out here. Every business encounter I've had with every employee at CSD has been positive, and I look forward to a long lasting relationship with CSD.
- Celene de Miranda, RID CI/CT
Ever since I started working for CSD as an interpreter, I have consistently had the opportunity to take a wide variety of assignments which keeps the job fun. CSD's National Interpreter Referral Center not only makes sure I get jobs that match my skill set, but they are truly friendly, responsive, and most of all supportive; they've reminded me of jobs that I missed invoicing, which netted me over $1k that I might have lost otherwise.
- Bob Pfaff, NIC Master, CSD Interpreter

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